Considering Chalcedony School for your kid(s)?


To be the leading provider of quality education thereby releasing into society and the world at large, young people differentiated by excellence and well-equipped with all it takes to meet challenges and contribute to their world.

chalcedony school


To cultivate in children a passion for learning, confidence and capacity for independent thinking in a peaceful, loving and focused environment using world-class resources and techniques delivered by seasoned professionals bearing in mind our

Why Chalcedony School?

Our Students flourish in the rich Culture of Learning, Friendship, Arts, Athletics and Intellectual discourse. Why? Because we
offer intentional community for our Student’s growth and development. This includes challenging Academics, abundant Arts and Athletics offerings and a supervised, structured Student life experience.

Small Classes Offer Individual Attention

The School boasts of Standard Class size of 15 on the average. Small Classes allow our Teachers to provide individualized attention and the Students have plenty of access to their Teachers. The Classrooms are often set up in the Socratic Method, with the teacher as facilitator and mentor. In these Classes, Students are provided with questions, not answers. Encouraged to think and share, Students find their voices. They actively participate in their learning.

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