Head of School


Mrs. Gbemisola Olowookere has more than 28 years experience in the Educational Sector, commencing with hands on roles that have developed across the Educational Sector. She is currently the Head of School with Chalcedony School. As head of school, Mrs. Olowookere is responsible for all operations across the school.She is a powerhouse of intellect and personality, a true tour-de-force. She’s an outgoing charismatic former class teacher at Corona School in Lagos.

Previously, Mrs. Olowookere was the Head of School at Attwool Sunflower School in Lagos where she served the school well. As she puts it, her former job and present job is one where, “some of our children won’t begin their careers with the connections to open doors and will need to cold-call throughout their lives. It is my job to ensure they are prepared academically and socially for that challenge.”

Mrs. Olowookere’s commitment to the children’s success in life speaks volumes about her real-world experience as a former school teacher and Head of School and she’s putting those skill to work on behalf of Chalcedony School students.

Mrs. Olowookere has a B.A Education in English Language from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.