Principal of Chalcedony High School

Odeniyi Olawale (MR.)

Mr. Odeniyi is serving as the Principal of Chalcedony High School and he is responsible for academic standards and attainment at Chalcedony School and will be expected to be the driving force for curriculum innovation, teaching and learning standards, performance management, student progress and overall quality assurance.

He makes a significant impact on learning at Chalcedony High School as the central driving force underpinning curriculum design, delivery and evaluation.

He also ensure high standards in all aspects of academic and academic related work, set challenging targets and ensuring optimal outcomes in external examinations.

He is responsible for the planning and production of the school timetable in conjunction with the Vice-Principal Administration and examinations.

A good ‘team player’ and has success and ability to take colleagues and students with him, based on a clear vision, well-articulated expectations, passion and an uncompromising commitment to outcomes and school improvement.

He has a strong leadership quality, and yet delivers on targets set