Chalcedony School is committed to fostering Academic Excellence & Leadership, in the context of a holistic education within a Disciplined, Caring And Nurturing Community.

Our dual Curriculum is comprised of the WAEC & IGCSEprograms and we have a vibrant Academic Life. Our teachers are passionate of their subjects and are committed to providing high-quality teaching which develops intellectually curious, self-motivated, enthusiastic Students and Pupils with an enduring love of learning.

Classes are Standard Sized, and Students/Pupils are encouraged to take an active part in lessons through debating and developing their point of view. Teachers personalize learning and engage with the Students, creating a stimulating and challenging classroom environment.

Under the supervision of the Director of Academics, Principal and Other principal Officers, great care and attention is devoted to optimizing the resources and planning of all our Academic programs and facilities. Constructive, consistent feedback between Staff and Students, in all aspects of work and play, is at the heart of our success in allowing each student to realize his/her true potential.