Why Chalcedony Boarding School?

Our Students flourish in the rich Culture of Learning, Friendship, Arts, Athletics and Intellectual discourse. Why? Because our Boarding School is a Twenty-four hour, intentional community created with the Student’s growth and development at the centre. With a mini-college campus feel, this includes challenging Academics, abundant Arts and Athletics offerings and a supervised, structured Student life experience.

Our Today’s Boarding School Students perform at significantly higher rates than our Private day Students on the average.

Academic Experience

Our Students and their Parents choose our Boarding School for more challenging academics. The School holds high expectations on her Boarders as she ensures that the Prep Classes is non-optional for the Students. Teachers live in the premises and are available for extra help after the school day ends. Weekend study sessions are the norm. Standard size teachable moments in the classroom during the weekend is also a possibility.

Our Boarding School work exclusively with all our Students with learning differences. Chances are good that our Students can find their niche and improve significantly in their academics, allowing them to discover and dive into a new passion.

Learning Is Cool: Harnessing The Power Of Peers

Being smart is cool in Boarding School. Our Students are stimulated intellectually in ways they never were before, and tend to be more motivated when surrounded by success-oriented peers. Living with students from diverse backgrounds informs the dialogue in the dorm and in the dining hall.

Small Classes Offer Individual Attention

The School boasts of Standard Class size of 15 on the average. Small Classes allow our Teachers to provide individualized attention and the Students have plenty of access to their Teachers. The Classrooms are often set up in the Socratic Method, with the teacher as facilitator and mentor. In these Classes, Students are provided with questions, not answers. Encouraged to think and share, Students find their voices. They actively participate in their learning.

Programs, Coaches And Facilities Are Awesome

There are countless options for Athletics, the Arts and Community Service. Our Boarding School facilities are extensive and typically include Performing Arts Spaces, Visual Arts Studio, Multiple playing fields, indoor courts for basketball and lawn tennis.

Our Boarding School provides a unique chance to develop the skills needed for college.